ASTV Family of Companies

ASTV Productions Limited is made up of 4 divisions.

ASTV Sports Online TV: Reaching over 330,000 per month and growing.

  • TV Shows 21 to date with 14 more being added.
    • Across North America and New Zealand.
  • Live Broadcasts – all sports up to 9 camera angles
    • Across North America, Thailand, New Zealand
  • Interviews, events and more

ASTV Radio:

  • ASTV all talk professional sports radio – coming summer 2021 – 4 stations.
  • ASTV all talk amateur sports radio – coming fall 2021 and 2022 – 10 radio stations.

MBNS TV: Reaching over 28,000 per month and growing.

  • TV Shows – local
    • Rise and Shine Manitoba, Women in Business, Real Answers to Real Estate, Evolution Green Works, others being added.
  • Live Broadcasts – sports, council meetings, events, open houses, weddings, and others

ASTV Agriculture: Over 177,000 followers and growing.

  • TV Shows
    • and – coming soon
  • Interviews and more
  • Live farm segments

Reaching more potential clients for less than any other media!!! ASTV

The sports and agricultural world have been ASKING for additional coverage.  We have listened! You can now promote your business or interest in full color, full video and unlike other media it will never disappear. All our shows and broadcasts are archived to YouTube for people to watch repeatedly at their leisure, giving you more exposure and coverage in a way that traditional media will not.