ASTV Productions Limited

ASTV – Always free to watch 

Broadcasting – Up to 9 camera angles, net cam, play by play and color commentating  – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Coming -Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Ruko and coming 5 cable channels in Canada and 5 in the US – over 100 million users  

ASTV White Label – Have your own broadcasting station and TV show  

ASTV Highlight Videos – by game or by player    

ASTV Radio – North America and provincial and states – Podcasts and Broadcasting

ASTV Sportscasts – associations across Canada 

ASTV TV Shows –  8 current shows with additional 23  being added

ASTV Scouting Videos – Professional scouting video’s for athletes to use for the next level.

One on One Broadcasting – Broadcasting individual players direct to scouts and universities  

ASTV Elite Athlete Advisory  – Male and Female – Hockey, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball and others coming. As well as mentor programs, combines and a full database for scouts and universities. 


ASTV Semi Pro and Pro TV Shows