Recruiting and Showcasing

ASTV will compile a professional video of you that will include and not limited to.

Up to 6 games

3 home and 3 away

Up to 3 Practices

Interviews with:

Coaches, Trainers, Teachers and Mentors


As well, if a scout, team, college or university wants we can broadcast just you in game action right to their phone / office. Anywhere if the world.

Looking to get to the next level?

It not as easy as some may have led you to believe.

Teams are looking for the best value for them and what you bring to the table. They want the best ingredients, a high-ticket item not a Walmart special.

You want to approach your game like you are a high-ticket item. From your mind set to what you do off the ice and on the ice, your lifestyle, what type of student you are, what you do before and after practice, your on ice and off training, and put it all together as a full package.

That is where ASTV comes in. We can produce a professional video of you to help you showcase who you are as a person and as a player for scouts, universities and or colleges.

As well we can help you get recognized through our media library.

Let us shine a light on you and get you the exposure you deserve.

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