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It is a competitive world in hockey. Everyone is fighting for that next spot or the next scholarship. Game footage is not always getting the job done for you.

Scouts and universities are looking for more.

Who are you off the ice?

What does your coach think of you?

Are you or where you a good student?

Do you train hard off ice?

Who do you look up to and what do you think of you?

ASTV can help you with this and keep your profile on Elite Prospects updated with video for the scouts. Any game we broadcast of you and your team will be available for scouts and universities free of charge plus we will build you a professional player profile to showcase who you are off the ice.

ASTV is all about the athletes and helping you succeed. Our player profile package does just that. Help you get to the next level by showcasing you are off the ice.

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ASTV is growing and plans to be live 12 - 14 hours per day with shows plus live broadcasts.

Tell the scouts who you are

Plus Interviews with your teachers, coaches, mentors, and trainers.

Includes Elite Prospects