Stop giving your product away and letting someone else profit from it. You are doing all the work meanwhile they are collecting all the money. You spend countless hours putting together a product that family, fans and scouts want to see and you should see the benefits from that. 

Start Profiting 

ASTV wants to be your partner. We want to see you profit from your product. 

Teams can see up to $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 a season leagues can see up to $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 per season depending on size and number of games.

Contact ASTV today and start profiting from your broadcasts. 

Here is what you get with ASTV

Up to 9 camera angles just like a NHL game

Manned cameras that zoom into the play

Full play by play and color

Player coverage

Pregame and Post game shows

Interviews before / after game and during game

Commercials, logo overlays – promote your sponsors – make money from our broadcasts

Score clock

Promotion up to game time

TV shows to promote your team and players

Multiple platforms – everyone can watch – no special downloads

All footage available free of charge to scouts and coaches

Every game is archived

Highlight videos

One on One player broadcasts

And did we mention free to watch

And more