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Broadcast your games and events on North Americas Fastest Growing Media, with your own solution from ASTV.

ASTV has a solution for all indoor and outdoor  facilities. A solution for gyms, arenas, ball diamonds, football fields, pools, car races, etc.

Whether you want a 1 camera option or up to 5 cameras, up to 4 k. Options include – Play by play, scoreboard, custom graphics, picture-in-picture, ticker, weather, commercials, and more. 

With ASTV you can profit from your broadcasts. No more of giving away your product for free.  

Click the button below to contact ASTV today and start profiting from your broadcasts. 

A permanent broadcast solution for any facility.

Broadcast any game from anywhere in the world.

Exposure your athletes to scouts and universities.

broadcast live across multiple platforms.

Monetize your broadcast.



Free to watch

Athletes come first at ASTV.