Behind the Mic: Analysis & Conversations with the Best in Sports’, debuting Friday, November 13 at 6:00PM PST/9:00PM EST

Amateur Sports TV (ASTV) is excited to introduce ‘Behind the Mic: Analysis & Conversations with the Best in Sports’, debuting Friday, November 13 at 6:00PM PST/9:00PM EST

‘Behind the Mic’, hosted by Jonathan Hodgson, will feature interviews with sports casters across the sports landscape, from some of the most well known voices at the highest levels including the NHL, MLB and CFL, to up-and-coming talent covering the local junior, college and minor professional levels in Canada and the United States.

Whether you are a fan of a certain sport or team and are looking for game analysis and current events coverage, or a play-by-play voice looking to learn from your colleagues’ experience and ‘shop talk’, ‘Behind the Mic’ has you covered!

“I am so excited to host ‘Behind the Mic’, beginning on Friday, November 13,” said Hodgson. “We have an outstanding roster of accomplished sports casters from several different sports who have already committed as guests, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences to share with both the fan looking for their sports talk fix, and fellow sports casters working to hone their craft.”

Hodgson himself is an experienced play-by-play voice and writer. He called play-by-play for the Okotoks Dawgs of the Western Canadian Baseball League for eight seasons, and two for the Victoria HarbourCats of the West Coast League.

His written work includes by-lines with the Toronto Blue Jays/Blue Jays Academy and Sports Spectrum among others. He has been a long-time contributor to the Canadian Baseball Network and currently covers the Saskatoon Blades for The Hockey Writers.

Behind the Mic will air every Friday night at 6:00 PM PST/8:00 PM CST on and the ASTV Facebook page. All episodes will be archived on the ASTV YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned to ASTV’s social media feed for upcoming announcements regarding the first guests who will appear on ‘Behind the Mic’.

ASTV Productions Limited is expanding.

ASTV Productions Limited is expanding.

Amateur Sports TV

We have positions open in sales, advising and TV hosts.

Sales Manager position. Advertising sales and managing sales in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Experience in sales, Experience in advertising an asset but willing to train right individual. Must have good communication skills, experience in proposal writing, cold calling, planning advertising campaigns, and knowledge in sports, sports broadcasts, TV shows, and radio Own a computer and have good internet connection. Travel will be required. Managing sales in our 5 different divisions of the company.

Sales Positions

Advertising sales in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Experience in sales, Experience in advertising an asset but willing to train right individual. Must have good communication skills, experience in proposal writing, cold calling, planning advertising campaigns, and knowledge in sports, sports broadcasts, TV shows, radio, local news and ag. Own a computer and have good internet connection. Travel will be required.


We are expanding into athlete advising and looking for individuals for both male and female sports in Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse, Basketball. Contact us for more details.

TV Hosts and Radio Hosts

We openings in Alberta and Western Ontario for TV sports hosts, play by play and radio show hosts in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Contact ASTV Productions Limited at

ASTV Player Combine

Coming 2021 The ASTV Player Combine

Starting with hockey, rugby, soccer and expanding into other sports. Each player will be run through a full series of tests. Each player is filmed and all stats are archived per year. Working hand in hand with scouts from all over the world, we can provide them not only yearly combine stats, but game footage and for all ASTV Consulting athletes stats throughout the season.

By invitational only and open to all major peewee, minor and major bantam as well as select minor midget players in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and select areas of Ontario.

Ask your ASTV Consulting advisor for more details

ASTV Combine

Hockey – Soccer and Rugby coming

Off Ice

  • Wing Spam
  • Body Fat
  • Grip Test
  • Upper Body Push Strength
  • Upper Body Pull Strength
  • Pull Ups
  • Bench Press
  • Pro Agility
  • Curl Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Medicine Ball Throw
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Vertical Jump
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Wingate Test

On Ice


  • Sprint Test
  • Reaction Test
  • Weave Agility Test
  • Transition Agility Test
  • Shot Speed
  • Passing
  • Shooting


  • Short Recovery Test
  • Long Recovery Test
  • Reaction Test
  • Agility Test

Scouting Videos

Scouting Videos

ASTV Consulting includes with all our athletes a full scouting video.

Looking to get to the next level?

It not as easy as some may have led you to believe.

Teams are looking for the best value for them and what you bring to the table. They want the best ingredients, a high-ticket item not a Walmart special.

You want to approach your game like you are a high-ticket item. From your mind set to what you do off the ice and on the ice, your lifestyle, what type of student you are, what you do before and after practice, your on ice and off training, and put it all together as a full package.

That is where ASTV comes in. We can produce a professional video of you to help you showcase who you are as a person and as a player for scouts, universities and or colleges.  

ASTV will compile a professional video of you that will include and not limited to.

Up to 6 games – 3 home and 3 away and Up to 3 Practices

Interviews with – Coaches, Trainers, Teachers and Mentors

As well, if a scout, team, college, or university wants we can broadcast just you in game action right to their phone / office. Anywhere if the world.


Including with all our athletes game broadcasts for the scouts, universities and colleges.

As well for scouts we offer for you and our athletes

Looking for an innovative way to discover new talent? Tired of paying too much to watch a hockey game? Want to see different angles? Looking for more than just a broadcast? Would you like play by play, color, pre-game, post-game, interviews and in-depth analysis?

Look no further. ASTV has the solution for scouting that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. We have up to 9 camera angles complete with ALL of the above! Each broadcast and all footage is available to you at No Charge.  No more combing through hours of footage or eating up hundreds of travel miles!

Most importantly, we can focus on the player(s) you’re most interested in. Imagine staying at home and having their every move broadcast live right back to your phone, iPad or computer from our state of the art remote “tagging” system that will allow you to focus specifically on them and their every move – every single time they’re on the ice.

Score big! Find out how you can get the absolute best broadcasts to evaluate and scout ALL of your  potential up and coming stars with ASTV.

ASTV Consulting Services

Family Advising

There are many paths to becoming a professional athlete. The two most common paths in hockey are, Major Junior and the NCAA, other sports NCAA, each have significant advantages, but they also have some notable drawbacks. Consequently, when the time comes to make a decision between the two, families may find themselves in need of professional advice. 

​ASTV Consulting and KAAB Sports Marketing have a team of advisors and partnerships who can help families navigate these difficult decisions and create strategic plans that will optimize their child’s career potential. In every interaction, our primary focus is to empower our clients and their families to make informed decisions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each pathway in relation to both hockey and educational rights.

Agent Representation

Information Coming

Player Development

ASTV Consulting employs a season and career long model that is based on the physical and emotional needs of our athletes . Our athletes have access to our team of high-caliber off-ice strength and conditioning coaches, on-ice skills coaches, and sports nutritionists across Canada and per province. Your advisor not only oversees each your progress, but they also work them to develop personalized hockey-specific programs oriented to realizing their full potential. All the while tracking your progress for scouts.

Life Management

ASTV Consulting provides each of the athletes management experience that is tailored to their specific needs. We strive to ensure that our athletes have access to professional advisors who can guide them through the tough decisions related to personal lives and their financial well-being. Our trusted team of professional financial advisors, who draw upon the soundest and most innovated available solutions to create a plan that will make sure each athlete is taken care of during and after their careers

Social Media Guidance

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have radically transformed how people communicate with one another and express themselves. The sports world is certainly not immune to this, and we strive to impart the importance of responsible, judicious social media usage. We work with our athletes to help them understand how their activity on social media can negatively affect both themselves and their team by teaching them the difference between appropriate and inappropriate social media content. Scouts, universities and colleges will be looking at your current and past posts. What you post may determine what they think of you.

BCHL approves alternative scenario to guarantee 2020-21 season

Source BCHL

The BC Hockey League Board of Governors has unanimously approved a COVID-19 alternative plan to fulfill the 2020-21 season. The alternative will be implemented in the event that Provincial Health Office (PHO) regulations do not allow arena capacity that provides needed gate revenue for BCHL teams.

In the case that the original request for 25 per cent capacity in arenas by the scheduled Dec. 1 start date is not approved by the PHO, the league will move forward with a model of reduced games without fans and will rely on player fees along with sponsorship and government support to fund the season.

“Our main objective remains to play a season, no matter what, but our original goal of starting in December with 25 per cent capacity in our buildings is in jeopardy,” said Chairman of the BCHL Board of Governors Graham Fraser. “This new scenario allows us to have a fall-back plan if that does not occur. Even if we end up going with the alternative, we may have the opportunity to introduce fans into the stands later in the season and into the playoffs, which would, in turn, reduce costs for the players and their families.”

The motion for the alternative scenario was passed by the BCHL Board of Governors on a conference call yesterday.

“The fact that we are prepared to play a season without fans does not mean we no longer require financial support from the government,” said Chris Hebb, Commissioner of the BCHL. “Player fees will give our teams the ability to survive, but our owners are preparing to take a financial hit to ensure we get to play regular-season games in 2020-21. If anything, this only increases our need for corporate and government support. For the first time in our 60-year league history, we’re asking for players to pay an amount beyond their billet fees. This is solely caused by COVID-19 and we plan on going back to business as usual next season.”

As per viaSPORT BC’s current regulations, the schedule will involve regional cohorts, meaning teams will be split into groups of four and will play amongst each other, with a 14-day quarantine period needed for a team to rotate into a new group.

“Our number one goal over the past six months has been to get our players back on the ice.” said league Executive Director Steven Cocker. “The board believes we presented a plan to safely have fans in the building and that remains our goal. In case the government does not allow for it, the league office and all 18 teams will work diligently to find ways to reduce player fees by way of funding and sponsorship. At the end of the day, we want to do right by our players, teams, our league and our fans and that means having a 2020-21 season.”

An official exhibition schedule will be released in the coming weeks.

Notes From A Hockey Mom: Why Advisors Exist

Published: Friday, 28 Aug 2020  
By: Michelle AndersonBehind the Champ

Lots of people tell you to “do your homework,” but no one ever really tells you what that actually means when it comes to researching junior hockey teams, especially tier 3 teams, so I’m going to give you a few things you could do along with a few places online to look to get you started.  
First place to check out is the team and league’s websites.  Don’t get terribly worried if there isn’t much activity on the site in the off season, but if the season has been underway for months and the team hasn’t updated a thing, that MIGHT be a red flag.  It also might not be, but most teams keep their sites up to date with advancements, player awards, game reports, etc.  
Check out the staff.  Make sure whomever is contacting you is actually listed on the site.  If they aren’t, might be another red flag–you should at least ask.  This also gives you a list of folks to check out.  Check their social media accounts and make sure things add up.  Check Google looking for news articles.  If you find posts on some forum somewhere, note it, but also remember internet trolls exist, and some people just like to talk smack. This is magnified behind the anonymity of a keyboard.
Check the roster.  If it’s not currently in season, look at last year’s roster.  If you have to keep scrolling and scrolling to read the whole roster because they have players coming in and out only playing a game or two, ask yourself why.  Ask the team why.  
If they list advancements, check them out.  Are they really playing where the team said they went?  Check Elite Prospects for that or check the college websites.  One or two players listed as advancing to college who never play there could have a perfectly reasonable explanation, but bunches of them might be a red flag.  
Now, this doesn’t mean you write a coach off because you found a speeding ticket searching public records looking for criminal activity.  This doesn’t mean you write a guy off because the team is in one state but his socials list him living somewhere else.  This doesn’t mean you write off a team because school isn’t in session yet, so they don’t have this year’s marketing intern to keep their website updated.  
You aren’t necessarily looking for a reason to turn a team down.  You are looking for as complete a picture as you can get.  You are looking for questions to ask.  You are looking for consistency.  One thing isn’t necessarily worrisome, but a bunch of things might be.  When I’m trying to make a big decision, I like to look for the person most likely to oppose it because they might tell me something I haven’t thought about.  I’m looking for them to poke holes in my reasoning, you know?
You also can’t just rely on the internet to give you the full picture.  You need to talk to people like former players and other coaches.  If you don’t personally know any, reach out anyway.  Hockey is family, and chances are pretty good you’ll get a response.
Lastly, none of this is foolproof.  You can look at all of this stuff, and it might all seem legit, and it still ends up being a hot mess express.  Or you might find a couple red flags, but the team made some changes, and it’s better now.  The coach might be a great guy doing things for all the right reasons, but the ownership has a stranglehold on the team.  You can waste years and thousands of dollars making mistakes.  It’s why advisors exist.  Doing all of these things takes a ridiculous amount of time, and you can still be wrong. A good advisor has the connections and the experience to navigate all those emails and offers you’re getting in no time flat.  

Author: Michelle Anderson from Behind the Champ
Hello! I am a Minnesota hockey mom of 15 years with a son currently playing junior hockey. My son was 2 ½ when he saw his first hockey game, and he became obsessed with playing hockey himself. I thought, “He’s 2. It will pass.” It didn’t. I have to admit that I knew absolutely nothing about hockey when we first started this journey, but I learned quickly along the way thanks to all the other hockey parents out there. I also saw how much fun he was having so I joined a women’s league and learned how to play myself. The kids make it look a lot easier than it is, but it’s a beautiful game and tons of fun both to watch and to play, even badly in my case. I look forward to bringing you a hockey mom’s point of view to these shenanigans in the world of junior hockey.

Notes From A Hockey Mom: Marketing Yourself

By: Michelle AndersonBehind the Champ

It’s not really fair of me to tell players they will need to market themselves without really explaining what that means exactly. I promise it’s not as ominous as it sounds.
The first step is to know your product. Now that probably sounds pretty easy since the player is the product, but many times other people see us differently than we see ourselves, so it is a good idea to get some objective feedback.  Ask your coach what your strengths and weaknesses are. Your coach has a lot more life experience and probably has a better idea of what will appeal to other coaches about you. Ask him what you need to work on to get to the next level.  Then you can start getting your product (you) ready for market (the next level in hockey).  Work on your weaknesses, sure, but work on your strengths as well so you have something that really sets you apart from the thousands of other hockey players out there.

You also need to take your social media accounts into consideration.  Coaches will check you out, so you need to keep it professional.  Think of yourself like a big brand. Hockey is a business, and you should treat it as such.  Post highlight clips of yourself, pics of community service activities, working out, shoutouts to folks from your past who made you what you are today, throwbacks to youth teams and celebrations, etc. If your buddies make fun of you for it, let them.  After all, don’t you expect big companies to post videos of their latest product?  Of course you do!  Share your story in a professional way as if you were already in The Show.
One little caveat about highlight clips, though–If every clip is “he shoots…he scores!” Guess how quickly you get crossed off the list!  Those clips aren’t helpful to anyone except your own ego.  Show what you’re doing when you don’t have the puck.  Show how the play develops.  Show how quickly you hustle back on the backcheck. Show how you won that puck battle in the corner. Anything else besides just you scoring. 
Now,you can’t just sit around waiting for the offers to start rolling in,or you might be waiting a while, but you also don’t want to be like one of those annoying ads everyone just clicks out of either.  This means you don’t just start sending out mass emails to every coach out there with links to all your amazing highlight clips.  That won’t get you anywhere.  Successful sales takes a little more finesse, and you don’t want to cross the line to sleazy.

Marketing for an athlete at its very basic level is just about building relationships and awareness.  You can start with that just by doing some research.  You can talk to coaches about their programs, ask them what their coaching style or philosophy is, ask them about awards they’ve won, ask them about their future needs for players, their future plans for the program, which showcases or tournaments they will be scouting, etc.  Start building a relationship by asking them questions about themselves and their programs.  You want this to be beneficial for both of you–you are figuring out which programs interest you, and by talking to you, the coach is figuring out if he is interested in you.  Coaches don’t want to waste time recruiting a player who doesn’t want to play for him.
Remember, hockey is a small world, so don’t just dismiss a relationship even if you aren’t interested in a particular program.  His brother or his college roommate or his buddy might be a coach somewhere else, and these guys absolutely pass along prospects.  Players do, too.  My own player has received calls from coaches asking if he knew any guys looking for a team.

Author: Michelle Anderson from Behind the Champ
Hello! I am a Minnesota hockey mom of 15 years with a son currently playing junior hockey. My son was 2 ½ when he saw his first hockey game, and he became obsessed with playing hockey himself. I thought, “He’s 2. It will pass.” It didn’t. I have to admit that I knew absolutely nothing about hockey when we first started this journey, but I learned quickly along the way thanks to all the other hockey parents out there. I also saw how much fun he was having so I joined a women’s league and learned how to play myself. The kids make it look a lot easier than it is, but it’s a beautiful game and tons of fun both to watch and to play, even badly in my case. I look forward to bringing you a hockey mom’s point of view to these shenanigans in the world of junior hockey.

Manitoba Student-Athletes & Coaches Awarded $16,000 in Sport Scholarships

Manitoba Student-Athletes & Coaches Awarded $16,000 in Sport Scholarships
August 19, 2020, Winnipeg MB – Sport Manitoba awarded $16,000 in academic scholarships to 11 high school students, six university students, and four Manitoba coaches. The awards included the Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarships, Bud Tinsley Sport Leadership Scholarship, Sport Manitoba Coaching Bursaries, and Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarship.   Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarships $500 High School Scholarship 
Last Name First Name City /Town University Sports Krykewich Alexander Winnipeg University of Winnipeg Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Cricket
Bateman Carter Stonewall University of Manitoba Golf, Hockey
Howes Cecilia Winnipeg University of Minnesota Cross Country, Athletics
Francis Grace Winnipeg University of Manitoba Cross Country, Rhythmic Gymnastics
Penner Rachael Carberry Canadian Mennonite University Volleyball, Athletics, Softball
Koshowski Toni Dauphin University of Calgary, Regina, MB Rugby, Cross Country, Soccer
Barscello Jena Brandon University of Manitoba Hockey Ledochowski Jacey Teulon Lake Region State College Basketball, Softball
Klassen Brady Winnipeg Mount Marty University Archery Dornez Emilie Ste- Geneviève Universite de St-Boniface Soccer, Cross Country, Basketbal
Johnston-Krulicki Breyanna Winnipeg University of Manitoba Soccer, Track and Field, Cross Country
$1000 University Scholarship 
Last Name First Name City/Town University Sport Zacharias Mackenzie Altona W.C. Miller Collegiate Curling Grant Taryn Winnipeg University of Louisiana at Lafayette Waterski and Wakeboard
Skelton Rienna Melita University of Manitoba Weightlifting Sarahs Shannon Winnipeg University of Manitoba Ringette Garcia Maren East St. Paul Providence University College Volleyball
Bud Tinsley Sport Leadership Scholarship
Last Name First Name City /Town University Sports Bateman Carter Stonewall University of Manitoba Golf, Hockey           Sport Manitoba Coaching Bursaries Silvio Sboto Memorial Rural Coach Award
Last Name First Name University Sport Rea Sammi University Of Manitoba Swim, Volleyball
Patmore Johnathon University of Winnipeg Baseball
Jeff Collins Memorial Winnipeg Coach Award
Last Name First Name University Sport O’Brien Liam University Of Winnipeg Football Henley Mackenzie University of Winnipeg Softball, Hockey  
Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarship 
Last Name First Name City/Town University Sport Zacharias Emily Altona University of Manitoba Curling

“It is a real pleasure to recognize and support the athletic and academic success across Manitoba that these devoted individuals have demonstrated, and provide them with opportunities to continue to grow and excel within their chosen discipline. Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients! Wishing you all the very best in your next steps forward.”

Jeff Hnatiuk, President and CEO, Sport Manitoba

Sport Manitoba is a not-for-profit organization and the lead planning, programming and funding agency for the development of amateur sport in Manitoba. Located at 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg, Sport Manitoba partners with over 100 organizations to deliver sport in the province and is responsible for programs including the Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro, Sport Manitoba Coaching, Team Manitoba, Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame, Fit Kids Healthy Kids, and KidSport. Services provided include the Sport Manitoba Clinic, Sport Manitoba Performance, Sport Manitoba Fitness Centre, and the Paul Robson Resource Centre for Leadership and Coaching.
The Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarship program administered by Sport Manitoba was established to support young athletes of Sport Manitoba partners, who continue to participate in amateur sport while pursuing a post-secondary education on a full-time basis. The Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarship Program was established in 1992.

Bud Tinsley Sport Leadership Scholarship: In memory of Robert (Bud) Tinsley, his family and friends created a $500 scholarship to recognize a Manitoba student-athlete who demonstrates similar leadership traits that were attributable to Bud. His numerous awards included: induction into the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hall of Fame, the CFL Hall of Fame and a four-time inductee into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. The scholarship recipient is selected from among the Manitoba Foundation for Sport Scholarship recipients, based on the added criteria of leadership.

Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarship Endowment Fund provides financial support for Manitoba’s high-performance athletes in their pursuit of excellence at the national and international levels of competition while serving as a tribute to commemorate the Manitoba visit of Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal in 1999. The Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarship awards two (2) scholarships per year valued up to $3,000 each to one male and one female high-performance athlete enrolled in a post-secondary institution in Manitoba.

Silvio Sboto Memorial Rural Coach Award: Silvio Sboto was a dedicated and humble man who started learning judo in the late 50s after immigrating to Canada from his native Peru. He resided in Brandon for the last thirty years where he worked at the Seikeikan Judo Club. Silvio was the chair of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) for Judo Canada. Silvio spent 10 years as an NCCP Theory Course Conductor and attained Level 4 NCCP status. He also had his fifth-degree black belt and was a national ‘C’ referee in Judo. Recipients of this award receive a $500 bursary to be used toward their 2020-2021 tuition.

Jeff Collins Memorial Winnipeg Coach Award: Jeff Collins’ expertise earned him a reputation as a coach’s coach. Jeff served as head coach and clinician for the Legion Athletic Camps at the International Peach Garden for 32 years. He was the convenor and co-meet director of the MHSAA’s provincial track and field champs from 1984 to 2001. Jeff attained his level 3 NCCP and also worked with world-class special needs athletes. In 2003, Jeff was inducted to the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. Recipients of this award receive a $500 bursary to be used toward their 2020-2021 tuition.
For more information please contact:
Sarah Tone
Communications Coordinator
Sport Manitoba
Cell: 431-778-5796

Love Me Tendered Junior Hockey News

By: Stephen

Being tendered by a junior hockey team is a lot like getting engaged.
Like a potential bride, the prospect has committed that the team is the one and only. Like an engagement announcement, both the team and player are giddy about the potential of the relationship. All is well up until the weeks before the wedding day, or in our case, during the main and training camp. Sometimes the bride spends time in the gym, sometimes she spends a little too much time at the bakery. The same goes for the prospect, what has he done in the off-season to prepare for training camp?
For one reason or another, the team (groom) elects to go into another direction (maybe a Maxim model?) and the tendered player is left without a plan B.
The first thought for many such players would be the Canadian Junior Hockey League, while a number of NAHL teams are suggesting NA3HL programs. Normally, the lure of crossing the border would be a good choice. The pandemic put’s a roadblock on most of those opportunities. Non-sanctioned hockey? Yea right, that has a way of being a bit of a one-way street. 
Let’s make this perfectly clear, the decision should be based on what is best for the prospect and what his family can afford.
For this season, a secure roster spot of any sort is a rare find. NA3HL teams are not having to discount rates to fill the roster and the level of play will be the highest ever this season. 
Listen, the last thing ANY player should be doing now is passing up secure opportunities of any variety. Don’t let this be a throw away season because there one solid guarantee, there is no turning back the clock on father time.