The Brick Invitational The Brick Invitational

The Brick Invitational

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Brick Invitational

2011 and 2012 Schedule 

 2011 June 29 games below, June 30 click here, July 1 click hereJuly 2 and 3 click here.

2012 games July 4 click here, July 5 click here, July 6 click here, July 7 click here, July 8 click here, July 9 and 10 click here

Watch all games live here, on our Facebook page, YouTube channel and on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV – download the Boxcast app. 

Here you can rewind games and see live posted highlights. 

  1. Toronto Bulldogs 
  2. Connecticut JR Rangers
  3. Toronto Pro Hockey 
  4. BC Junior Canucks
  5. Team Brick Alberta
  6. Team Minnesota
  7. Detroit JR Red Wings 
  1. Montreal Canadians 
  2. Western Selects 
  3. CCM Chicago
  4. Manitoba JR Ice
  5. Boston Junior Bruins
  6. Saskatchewan JR Pats
  7. Team Pennsylvania 

Game 3 - Team Brick Alberta vs CCM Chicago

Game 5 - BC JR Canucks vs Manitoba JR Ice

Game 11 - Saskatchewan JR Pats vs Connecticut JR Rangers

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