TV Show Listings  

ASTV Sports Show – Jayd and John break down sports news and broadcasts across all sports Coming June 2021

Behind the Mic – Top sports analysts  around North AmericaFridays 8 PM CST

Coaches Parley – Round table discussion about sports in North AmericaFridays 5 PM CST

Coffee with Graeme – AAA Female Hockey Sask. / Manitoba, MMJHL, MB Junior Baseball and High School Sports.  Tuesday and Thursday  10 AM CST

Crunch Time – NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and college sports Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9 PM CST

Double Digit Hockey Show – Players, coaches, general managers, analysts, and more. Thursday 7 PM CST

Lock it up Sportstalk – Join us as Logan talks each week with guests about all things sports. Tuesday 12 PM CST 

Missouri Sports Show – Covering all levels of sports in Missouri. Monday   PM CST

MB Newscast – News around Manitoba sportsMonday 10 AM CST 

Off The Puck Hockey – The NHL Show Monday 8 PM CST 

Ontario Sports – Players, teams, associations, coaches, general managers, news, more Tuesday 4 PM CST

On the Ice – Hockey across North America – players, coaches, general managers, news and more. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  Friday

Off the Pitch – The Soccer Show – Soccer in North America and Europe. Tuesday 8 PM CST

Primetime Alberta Sports Show – All sports in Alberta, players, teams, associations, coaches, general managers, news, and more. Wednesday 8 PM CST

Sask. Sports Show – Players, teams, associations, coaches, general managers, news, more. Thursday 5 PM CST

Smoke ShowCovering sports in Eastern Canada Monday  6 PM CST 

Softball TV– Softball news and coverage around North America. Tuesday  10 PM CST

Sportscast Manitoba – What is new and happening with sports associations in Manitoba – Thursday 1 PM CST

The AAA Show – Top AAA players in Canada in all sports. Wednesday 7 PM CST 

The Baseball Show – Covering top prospects in Canada and the United States, and more. Coming Mondays in May

The Coaches Show – Coaches from all sports in Colorado and surrounding states. Tuesday 8 PM CST

The Colorado Sports Show – All sports in Colorado, players, teams, associations, coaches, general managers, news, and more Thursdays in May 

The Prospects Show – Top prospects from hockey, football, baseball across Canada. Friday  8 PM CST

The WHL Show – Breaking down teams, highlights, games and players in the WHL coming fall 2021

Tee to Green – Profiling golf courses and play across North America.

Women in Hockey – A show dedicated to all the women in the world playing the sport. Monday 5 PM CST

Coming – We are looking for TV hosts for a few of the shows listed below 

Breakfast Show East – wake up to all the sports news in the east  

Breakfast Show West – wake up to all the sports news in west 

The Fitness Show – stay fit and learn from the experts that train the athletes.  

The Lacrosse Show – Lacrosse across North America broken down by our panel of experts.

The Football Show – Football, news and coverage of amateur players, teams, and associations.

Where are they now? – ever wondered what happened to that AAA or college player?

Maritimes Show – covering all sports in the great provinces of the Maritimes in Canada.

College Sports – college players and team coverage across North America.

In the Rings – covering curling and the athletes that play the game.   

The OHL Show– breaking down teams and players in the OHL

JR Hockey Show – covering and breaking down leagues, teams and players that play JR Hockey.  

Quebec Sports Show – Quebec, players, teams, associations, coaches, general managers, news, more

Florida Sports Show – all sports in Florida, players, teams, associations, coaches, general managers, news, and more

New Zealand Softball Show – New Zealand softball and baseball coverage and news

Craddock’s Show – covering cricket, football and more in Alberta.

Outdoor Canada – lakes, fishing, resorts, boats and more   

Others to be announced.