Add $15,000.00 – $50,000.00 and up, to your bottom line

Amateur Sports TV is expanding and growing.

Having over 690 broadcasts (in Manitoba alone) in the last 3 years with multiple camera production (up to 9) all free to watch and available to scouts and universities free of charge. As well with our broadcasts teams, scouts, universities can have access to all the camera angles. If we have 5 cameras at a game there are 5 angles to view afterwards.

Want to evaluate just one player – example a AAA player. We have a solution that will film just one player and can be broadcast back to you laptop or phone. Stay at home and evaluate multiple players in one night.

This summer we have launched 3 online TV shows ASTV Sports Talk , ASTV Sports Show and The Goldeyes Show.

This fall and winter we are launching ASTV Hockey Show , ASTV AAA Hockey Show, ASTV JR Hockey Show and 2 others to be announced to go along with our broadcasts and coverage. Fans, families, scouts and universities are asking for more and we are prepared to give it to them.

It is not just about broadcasting for us, it is about full coverage as well and that is the reason for the shows. Please add to your media list as we want to make sure you are covered as well. Players deserve more than just having their names mentioned in a broadcast.

In addition we are pleased to announce a new program where you can have your own online TV or radio station or your own TV Show. You could add $15,000.00 – $50,000.00 and up, to your bottom line.

We look forward to promoting your team, players and leagues.


Amateur Sports Staff