ASTV Publications Limited Press Release

For Immediate Release:

ASTV (Amateur Sports TV) effective January 2021 will be changing. New management and a new name – ASTV Productions Limited.

Along with this, ASTV is expanding in Canada and the US.  ASTV started out 5 years ago as a place for amateur sports scores in Manitoba, adding radio broadcasts a year later and 2 years later video broadcasts.

With over 1400 broadcasts to date and being the only sports media in amateur sports offering up to 9 camera angles with full play by play and color, we are going to the next level.

Up to now we have been broadcasting sports and have added TV shows. In 2021 we will be taking ASTV live 10 – 12 per day with fresh new amateur sports content, putting us 3rd in Canada with sports coverage behind TSN and Sportsnet and 1st in North America for amateur sports. Complete with TV shows, broadcasts, coverage, highlights, interviews and more.  Plus, provincial and state Radio stations coming 2021 / 2022.

Starting in 2021 we will expand ASTV to be your full amateur sports destination online plus, Ruko, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and select cable channels in Canada and the US. Reaching over 129.6 million people.

We will be in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Florida, North Dakota, Missouri, Colorado, and Thailand, with Quebec, the Maritimes and Minnesota next.  Coming later in 2021 Sweden and Switzerland amongst others.

Leagues and teams will now be able to have their own online TV and Radio stations and get the coverage that no other media can provide. Gone are the days of a one camera system broadcasting games and not covering / profiling players, teams, and leagues.  ASTV is taking amateur sports to the next level.

Currently with 8 TV shows running weekly and will be adding 23 more, including daily shows like On the Ice, Coffee with Graeme, ASTV Sports Show, Crunch Time, Saskatchewan Sports Show, Primetime Alberta Sports Show and more.  As well as, live broadcasts of hockey, curling, baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer and more from all over the world with full play by play and multiple cameras.

Live at 7 am with the Breakfast Show in Eastern Canada and ending the evening at 9 PM with Crunch Time. The new schedule right now has 12 hours of TV shows per day plus broadcasts of amateur sporting events from Canada and the world.

Other TV shows will be added as we expand the network in the US and the world.

As we add games, tournaments, events across Canada and the world we will add additional channels to handle the growth.  The way amateur sports are covered, and broadcast has changed and ASTV will be there to make sure fans, families and scouts get to watch. But more importantly, the athletes get the coverage they deserve.

As an advertiser we have something for everyone whether you sell local, provincially, across Canada, North America, or even Thailand. Packages designed to suit your business, and, like other media, you can target market and your ad never goes away.  

This expansion will also mean that ASTV will be hiring TV hosts, play by play, color commentators, reporters, producers, and camera people from all areas of the world.  Part time, contract, and full-time people.  

The sports world has been ASKING for additional coverage.  We have listened! You can now promote your business or interest in full color, full video and unlike other media it will never disappear. All our shows and broadcasts are archived to YouTube for people to watch repeatedly at their leisure, giving you more exposure and coverage in a way that traditional media will not.

We look forward to covering sports around the world