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ASTV has created an outlet. A place where athletes around the world can share their stories, their passion for the sports they play. We allow young athletes  to live the dream on a daily basis through our TV shows and live (Free to Watch) broadcasts. 


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Mondays TV Show    Line Up

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Saturdays TV Show Line Up 


Sundays TV Show Line Up


Todays Broadcasts

April 22

Leto vs Sumner – BASEBALL 

Stay Tuned for Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Football 

TV and Radio Broadcasts 






MBNS TV  – Monday

Rise and Shine Manitoba 10 AM CST


MBNS TV  – Wednesday

Evolution Green Works 8 PM CST 

MBNS TV  – Thursday 

Real Answers to Real Estate 7 PM CST

Women in Business 8 PM CST

We believe strongly in the continuous growth of athletics in North America and we strive to provide maximum coverage of all sports. Our goal is to promote interest in the hard work and dedication of all athletes.

ASTV – The future of broadcasting sports in North America and promoting your business.

ASTV – The only online broadcast company offering up to 9 camera angles.

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